BDay (18.03.2011)

20 Mar

BDay is not a bad day, it’s my Birthday πŸ™‚

I was thinking a lot about the way I’m going to celebrate my birthday. I even had insomnia, because my thoughts didn’t let me sleep. I planned a lot, but what has happened overtook my expectations. My friends prepared very delicious food, organised party and made a lot of surprising things for me.


My class sang “Happy Birthday” song to me. It was very nice. However, evening was far more surprising for me.

My friend invited me to a flat to celebrate my birthday. Before they said that they’ll disappear until I come. So, I’ve spent 4 hours in my room talking to my family and friends in Russia. I’ve done my make-up, my hairstyle etc. Then, my friend called me and said that I should come 20 minutes later, because they have some problems. So I did what they said. When I came, I met my friend Alisa in sport suit (but she should wear evening dress as she promised), she was veeeeeeeeeeery angry. I was surprised. Questions like “What’s going on? Did they all argue?” were coming to my mind. My friend said that nobody came and she gave reasonable explanation. When I came to the flat, there were no shoes, no coats, no everything. She sadly said: “Come to the living room, I’ll put your jacket to the wardrobe”. So I came to a dark room, and SUDDENLY all my friends appeared and screamed: “Happy Birthday!!!” I was scared, but very happy! Soon, we started our celebration, which continued till 6 a.m. πŸ˜€

Everything was so AWESOME! I want to have the same day AGAIN!!!

P.S. I love you, guys.




What do we really miss in Brighton?

16 Mar

Life in Brighton is really interesting, however, there’re certain things I miss when I’m here.

As you know, I have two brothers, who I miss a lot, because they are too young to come to UK and visit me.My parents visited me, but sometimes I feel like I want to be with them. Specially, when they’re calling me from family dinners.

Another thing I miss is my friends in Russia. We communicate by Skype, but it’s not enough for us.

I also miss my home and my lovely room with big comfortable bed. All resident students know that rooms are rather small and beds are not so comfortable as it is at home.

The food in cantine doesn’t seem to be suitable for me and my friends. We all miss Russian domestic cuisine. So, we come to my friend’s flat and cook. On that pretty picture you can see lovely juicy “kotleti” (meatballs) with classical Russian style mushed potato. We also cook “pel’meni”, Russian soups and salads.


Hi everyone!

15 Mar

My name is Tania, but you can call me just Tatti. Here is my blog about everything connecting to me and my life. You can find interesting and unknown facts. Have fun!

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